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       Volunteer to paint the Garden Ridge Library‚Äč
To My Fellow Lions,

Our club has volunteered to paint the interior of our city library and asked that I take a lead role in this project to which I have agreed to do so.

Yesterday I met with our librarian, Linda Crossland, and our mayor and fellow lion, Larry Thompson, to develop a plan of action to complete this task. Linda advised that she wanted all the interior walls and overhead vertical drops painted including passage way to rear exit door, entrance area to restrooms, front office area and librarian office. Paint will be a one color flat latex. At this point the library is trying to get the paint donated. The library will provide the blue masking tape and the lions will provide the painting equipment such as individual painting containers, rollers and roller handles, extension handles, paint brushes, etc. Due to the 14 ft ceiling height in the main part of the library we will need a number of ladders that can reach to that height to allow for masking at the ceiling intersection and then doing the cut in painting and finally removal of masking tape at the end.

Due to the size and complexity of the library we felt that it would take four days to complete the project as follows:

PREPARATION PHASE: This phase is estimated to take two days due to the extensive amount of masking required, removal of all wall perimeter book shelves, relocation of miscellaneous cabinets and furniture. A number of items( brackets, furniture, desks, computer stations, etc) are attached to the wall and will have to be masked off as they cannot be readily removed from the walls. All flooring will have to covered with tarps/painters plastic to protect the flooring. All book cases and books will also have to covered. Electrical and cable wall plates will be removed and properly stored for remounting on day four. Many books may be already boxed as the library is also getting ready to change out all their existing book cases. If we are able to finish all or part of the masking during this prep stage we may be able to actually start some painting during this phase. The library will provide cold non alcoholic beverages and we are considering providing lunch for the volunteers each day.

PAINTING PHASE: It is hoped that all painting can be completed in one day assuming we have a large enough volunteer group of painters. Linda has estimated that we will need around 15 gallons of paint. We will set up a paint staging area outside the library to open paint containers and fill individual painting containers and roller trays. A paint clean up area with hose water will also be set up on the back side of the library.


This is expected to take one day. All tarps and coverings will be removed. All masking tape will be removed. Minor touch up may be accomplished here. Wall plates will be remounted on the walls. Misc furniture may be returned to their previous locations. Linda will provide guidance to what she needs done here.

SCHEDULE: The following dates have been selected to accomplish this painting project.
PREPARATION PHASE: Thursday, July 27th and Friday, July 28th.
PAINTING PHASE: Saturday, July 29th
CLEAN UP PHASE: Sunday, July 30th

This project can use the help of many volunteers to complete the project in the above schedule. I am asking all of our lions to consider participating one or more days on the project. Given enough volunteers we may actually be able to complete the task in fewer that four days or at least in four days. Should you have a spouse/significant other that might want to participate the more the better, everyone is welcome.

Please respond to this e-mail and let me know your plans to support this activity. I need to know who is participating and when in order to look at the manpower distribution and see that we have sufficient help each day. Of particular interest is the availability of ladders and roller extension rods as we have to reach up 14 feet in many areas.

This is a fun and challenging project for us and I look forward to hearing from all of you.

Regards, Dick