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If somebody asks you, “What do Lions do,” the attached report is what YOU, The Garden Ridge Lions Club, accomplished as Lions this past year – “Many Hands Make Light Work.” Read through this list and be proud of YOUR accomplishments.

                       Garden Ridge Lion's Service Activity Report

February 2018 Activity Report:

Homes for our Troops: We donated $500 to a disabled veteran to put in a garden in her new home provided by Homes for our Troops.

Days for Girls: We donated $500 for hygiene kits for Days For Girls program.

Team Ability: We donated $1,000 to the TeamAbility program for children with disabilities.

Circle of Cancer Care: We donated $500 to Circle of Cancer Care.

Friends Of The Children of Haiti: We donated $500 to FOTCOH.

Texas Lions Camp: We donated $913 to TLC for semi-annual dues.

Valentine’s Dinner: Lion Carmen McCaw and Dick Vogt Co-chaired a Valentines party for members and guests February 13, at the Garden Ridge Community Center. Over 90 Lions & guests attended; roses were given to all the ladies attending, and a fantastic meal was served by Doty Bittenger.

Girls State: We are supporting 3 High School Seniors to attend this year’s Girls State in Seguin. It takes $425 to support each girl attending; our total donation is $1,275. Girls State is intended to educate our youth in the duties, privileges and responsibilities of American citizenship; give future citizens, in a realistic manner, an opportunity to learn the problems of government by performing the same duties as real office holders in the everyday world; inform them of the rights and privileges of American citizenship; and instil a deep sense of the personal responsibilities and obligations which this citizenship entails.

Madison High School: At our regular meeting February 27, 2019 we donated $500 to the James Madison High School FFA Guide Dogs in Training program.